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Pi(e) Day Online

Maryland Science Center
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Celebrate the most mathematically delicious day of the year, online!

Pi(e) Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (∏), a number used to calculate the circumference of a circle, and also a celebration of the sweet, circular baked dessert! Circle up for a day of endless hands-on fun with the Maryland Science Center, online.

How do I participate in Pi(e) Day Online?

Join us here, where activities will be posted according to a schedule. You can also get access to all activities on our Facebook page at the scheduled times.


 What is pi?

Kick off Pi(e) Day with an expert explanation of pi and how to explore this mathematical constant at home.

Video and Activity 

Musical Pi

Have you ever wondered what pi sounds like? Listen in and then try playing it yourself.

Video and Activity 

Pie Drop Live

Join MSC live to see pies fall from the roof of the Science Center!

Video 1 

Video 2

 Irrational Necklace

Design a pi inspired necklace!

Science At Home 


Materials Needed:

  • a few circular objects
  • string
  • scissors
  • beads of different colors