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Membership FAQ’s

We would enjoy having your support and we know you’ll enjoy visiting our museum for free!

I have a Groupon Membership Voucher! How do I redeem it?

An online deal for membership via Groupon will be available for purchase via Groupon’s website, only, from Wednesday November 1, 2023 through Wednesday January 31, 2024.  To receive the full benefit of this deal, your purchased Groupon membership voucher must be redeemed no later than Sunday, June 30, 2024.  Keep informed of our latest hours by checking our website. 

Membership vouchers will be redeemed for the four-person Adventurer Level and can be upgraded to a higher level on site, allowing additional member admits. You can upgrade at any time during your 12-month cycle.  Upgrades are sold in $25 increments.  Vouchers cannot be used to purchase a lower level of membership.  Vouchers cannot be stacked to extend for multiple years or expand a membership level.  Please review our levels to find the higher-level membership that fits your group, upgrade at our ticket desk accordingly.  Children under three years old are free for all and do not count toward membership daily admits. 

Any one of our ticket agents can help you redeem a voucher.  Vouchers can also be redeemed by submitting the form:  https://forms.office.com/r/0nCa4f4kNw

Please indicate if you have an active membership already or had a membership in the past.  If redeeming in person, you will be asked to complete a form asking for name, spouse name (optional/if applicable), address, email and phone.  Onsite you will have the option to be emailed or mailed a member card. 


  • Beginning 11/01/23 you have until 01/31/2024 to purchase a Groupon membership voucher and through 06/30/2024 to redeem this Groupon membership voucher at the current offer. 
  •  You can redeem your voucher in person or by submitting this form:  https://forms.office.com/r/0nCa4f4kNw. No exceptions. 
  • Membership vouchers cannot be applied toward past membership monetary purchases (made before your current voucher purchase), including renewals. 
  • Vouchers can be purchased as gifts through the Groupon website.  Follow Groupon’s prompts – you’ll need your recipient’s email. 
  • Membership voucher redemptions require a Groupon voucher redemption number and a completed membership form. 
  • Membership vouchers cannot be stacked for multiple, renewed years of continuous membership. Multiples will be redeemed and run consecutively and are not combinable for an upgraded membership level.  They cannot be redeemed without fee, for higher levels of membership. 
  • You can use a membership voucher to extend a current or renew an existing active or lapsed membership for another year of benefits.  Be aware of your current or last level in case an upgrade or downgrade is required. Redemption requirements above apply, even for renewals. 
  • Spouses can redeem membership vouchers.  They must complete a member form on site.  We do not list caregivers, au pairs or babysitters, (even if family members) on a member record but they CAN redeem your voucher w/a signed note from you, authorizing membership use.
How long do memberships last?

Maryland Science Center Membership is for a year.  Memberships expire the last day of the month purchased.  If you bought on the 15th, it would expire on the last day of that month, 12 months later.

What are the prices for your memberships?

Membership Prices range from $125 for the individual Explorer Level to $300 for the Pioneer +2 Level for 10 admits. Member benefits are the same across the board but our Membership Levels vary in price as they include more people. To learn more, please visit our levels pricing page.

Do you have a “Family” Membership?

Our Membership Levels are based on the number of people in your group. We don’t label our memberships as Individual, Family, Grandparent, etc. because you can visit the museum with friends and neighbors. When you purchase a membership it is for you and/or your spouse/domestic partner to use exclusively. Member benefits are non-transferable. You choose the level that best fits your group size. Anyone over your level will pay full price to enter the museum. Children under the age of three are free of charge. Children under the age of three do not count toward your total admits.

How do I purchase a Maryland Science Center Gift Membership?

Maryland Science Center Gift Memberships are available online here.

Online Gift Memberships go into effect immediately after your transaction is approved and you have received your emailed purchase confirmation.  Please have all of the information regarding your recipient on hand including a preferred address, phone number and email.

OR you may choose to purchase a Gift Membership Certificate available in person at our ticket desk or over the phone at 410-685-2370.

Recipients of Maryland Science Center Gift Membership Certificates have twelve months from your purchase date to redeem in person at our ticket desk. We do not record any of your recipient’s information until the gift certificate is redeemed. Their 12 month membership will begin the minute it is redeemed. This applies to new members and renewing members. Membership Gift Certificates can also be upgraded by your recipient right at our ticket desk in $25.00 increments. Membership Gift Certificates are sold in the amount of our Membership Levels.

Does Maryland Science Center Membership cover guests?

The membership level you choose allows a set number of people, including the cardholder, into the museum at the member rate. Any person over your level will pay full priced admission.

View levels and their allowed number of guests here.

Do I list everyone on my membership and how many cards will I be receiving?

The only people we list on a membership account are the primary cardholder and that person’s spouse. We mail two identical member cards out per membership. Your cards will reflect the level and total number of admits allowed per day on that membership level.

Can I list my caregiver/aupair/nanny on the membership?

We do not list these individuals on the membership account. Your caregiver/aupair/nanny can visit the Maryland Science Center under your membership but s/he must present your member card and a note authorizing use of your membership for that day.

Is the Kids Room or Planetarium included in my Membership?

All Membership Levels allow free admission into our exhibit halls. These include the Planetarium, Observatory, Kids Room and other exhibits.

How can I purchase a Maryland Science Center Membership?

You can purchase a Maryland Science Center Membership online, via the phone at 410-545-5981, or in person.

Can I use my Maryland Science Center Member card to visit other museums? Where can I use my member card?

We are part of the Association of Science/Technology Centers’ Passport Program – offering reciprocal admission to our members when they travel to museums across the world like the Maryland Science Center. To find a museum in this program, please click here. Make sure to call ahead to the museum you’ll be visiting. You’ll want to find out what exactly their reciprocal admission includes.