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Membership Benefits

Members enjoy benefits reserved just for them. Your Membership Level specifies the number of visitors admitted into the museum per day eligible for the following benefits:


We reserve the right to change our Membership policies and prices without notice.

*Maryland Science Center membership includes a yearlong subscription to Popular Science Magazine. The value of this magazine subscription is $9.00. If you do not wish to receive this subscription, a refund of $9.00 is available from the supplier. To refuse the subscription and request the refund, please mail a copy of your Maryland Science Center Membership Card attached to your welcome letter (you will receive this via the mail in 5-10 business days via the mail) to: Customer Service at Popular Science, PO Box 6364, Harlan, IA 51593 You must mail the required information to the above address, within 30 days of your membership purchase to receive your subscription refund. The Maryland Science Center does not process this request. Phone the membership office at 410-545-5981 if you have any questions regarding this process. **Participants in the ASTC Passport Program set their own reciprocal admission policies and restrictions. Before visiting, consult the ASTC List or phone ahead.