Today’s Hours

Enter the Kids Room; a space dedicated to young children and learning through play.

The centerpiece of this exhibit is a brand new, splishy-er, splashy-er, larger water play area with a Chesapeake Bay theme.

Exhibit highlights

  • Large water play area
  • Wooden trains, PVC pipe and Duplo construction
  • Pneumatic messaging system, streetscape, and giant pin screen

Buttons to push, knobs to turn, and blocks for building

Bright colors and kid-sized objects to manipulate are everywhere in this special place for the Science Center’s youngest visitors. There’s even an area for kids under two — Room To Grow — where infants and toddlers can crawl around squishy waterbeds and play with big soft blocks.

Pint-size engineering, construction, and experimenting

Kids can construct waterways and dams in the popular water play area, build Lego towers and structures out of plastic pipe, or climb onto the fishing pier, and captain the tugboat. There’s even a Baltimore streetscape with doorknobs to turn, steps to climb, doorbells to ring, flags to raise, and a chance to meet the famous people who live along the street.

Learning Lab

Come into the Learning Lab in the Kids Room to share some fun and interesting early childhood educational opportunities with your child. Play with your child while teaching them some fundamental science, math, technology, and engineering skills. The room activities are designed for young children with adult supervision.

Special Note to Kids Room Visitors

Every weekday morning the Kids Room is completely field trip free until 10:30am, and on Thursdays we are field trip free until 11:30am. So, bring your little one and come wiggle, squirm and play.