Today’s Hours

Enter the Kids Room; a space dedicated to young children and learning through play.

The centerpiece of this exhibit is a brand new, splishy-er, splashy-er, larger water play area with a Chesapeake Bay theme.

Exhibit highlights

  • Construct waterways and dams in the popular water play area
  • Experiment with cause and effect by pushing buttons, turning knobs, and pressing on the pin screen
  • Use your imagination (and some props!) to captain a boat, fish from a pier, and swim underwater

A special place for the Science Center’s youngest visitors.

Build Lego towers and test their strength in an earthquake. Observe the forces of gravity as you produce your own ramp structures. Construct a train station and figure out traits of magnets. Send mail across the room through a pneumatic tube. Crawl through the marsh lands and dress up like local wildlife. Examine natural objects through a high-powered microscope.

There’s even an area for kids under two — The Room To Grow — where infants and toddlers can crawl around squishy waterbeds, look at brightly colored books, and play with big soft blocks

Learning Lab

Come into the Learning Lab in the Kids Room and play with your child as they develop fundamental science, math, technology, and engineering skills through experimentation and discovery opportunities. The room activities are designed for young children with adult supervision.

Special Note to Kids Room Visitors

The Kids Room is currently open Friday– Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm. It will be closed every day from 12:30—1:00 for cleaning. These times are subject to change. Please check the sign out front of the Kids Room for today’s hours. The Kids Room is group free on Wednesdays.