Today’s Hours

In the Dinosaur Mysteries exhibit you’re the paleontologist. Over a dozen full size dinosaurs roam this exhibit hall. Walk under, over, and through a landscape filled with dig pits, a field lab, excavation sites, and other areas of discovery.

Exhibit highlights

  • Over a dozen full size dinosaurs on display
  • Working field lab and dig pits
  • Walk in a trackway of dinosaur footsteps

Meet T. rex and Astrodon face to face

These giants are just two of the huge residents in the massive, open hall. Full size skeletons and casts of fossilized remains are on display and everything is hands-on. Touch a triceratops skull. Grab a brush and work side by side with other dinosaur hunters. Pick up a set of calipers and measure the length of dinosaur leg bones or sit in a nest of eggs. Stand in a footprint in the dinosaur trackway.  Listen for the roar of a lumbering giant.

Dinosaur descendants are living today

Find out why scientists think birds and dinosaurs are linked through the passage of time.