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This is what we mean when we say physical science.

Walk into Newton’s Alley, and you’ll quickly see why this is one of the Science Center’s most popular exhibits. Pull yourself up to the stars in a chair. Play a string-less harp. Touch a cloud. See sound. Everything in Newton’s Alley is driven by people power.

Exhibit highlights

  • Classic science center displays on sound, light, and motion
  • Intergenerational appeal
  • Hands-on interactives

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Highly interactive discovery areas reveal the marvelous phenomena of matter, energy, force and motion. Choose your side correctly and win a tug-of-war against an entire team. Watch the forces of the gravity well. Race bubbles. Create a water vortex.

One of our most popular exploration areas

Newton’s Alley houses some of the best demonstrations of Sir Isaac’s principles using active exploration. These are the exhibits that parents remember from their school days and the ones kids talk about when they get back from field trips. Try them yourself—but save some energy for the rest of the Science Center.