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    Pi(e) Day

    Maryland Science Center
    Mar. 14, 12 - 4pm
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    Free with paid admission
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    What’s the Science Center’s favorite dessert? Pi(e)!

    Celebrate the most mathematically delicious day of the year at the Maryland Science Center! Pi(e) Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (∏), a number used to calculate the circumference of a circle, and also a celebration of the sweet, circular baked dessert! Circle up for a well rounded day of endless fun. Get creative with circle art, launch pizza pie toppings with catapults, watch pie fall from the sky, and so much more. Plus, take a free slice of pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies for the road!

    Can’t make it to the Science Center for Pi(e) Day this year? Join the celebration online!