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Davis Planetarium

Day turns to night on the dome of the star theater as thousands of stars and planets appear overhead

Black Holes: Journey into the Unknown

Witness what would happen if you got too close to a black hole and see how one is able to warp time and space.

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One World One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure

The planetarium show follows Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo as they explore the night sky with Hu Hu Zhu, a Muppet from Zhima Jie, the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street.

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Solar Quest

Solar Quest explores the impacts of space weather and how the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protects all life on Earth.  This 15 minute presentation demonstrates how the Sun and Earth are interconnected and that we are “Living with a Star”.  

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Solar System Odyssey

BLAST OFF! Join the characters of this show on an adventurous journey through our solar system.

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The Sky Live!

Discover tonight’s astronomical attractions.

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The Universe Live!

Off the Earth and out through space! The planetarium becomes a “spaceship”on a journey past our nightly canopy of stars.

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To Space & Back

To Space & Back takes audiences on an incredible journey from the far reaches of our known universe to our own planet.

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We Are Aliens

Explore how our understanding of life on Earth guides the hunt for alien life elsewhere in the Universe. We visit Mars, Europa and distant Exoplanets to help answer the ultimate question… are we alone?

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