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Science Encounters

The Science Center offers a variety of Science Encounters to experience while visiting–witness live hair raising science experiments on the Demo Stage, view Global changes on a 3-dimensional sphere at Science On a Sphere, encounter the night sky in all its glory on our rooftop Observatory, and keep up to date on what to look for in our night sky with SciCasts.

Demo Stage

Science Live on the Demonstration Stage takes place throughout the day on a variety of hair-raising, mind-boggling, and eye-catching topics.

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Our rooftop urban observatory has a computer controlled telescope that lets guests view planets and stars, along with other astronomical events.

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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.

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Science At Home

Science happens all around us. Search through our archive of experiments for science that you can do in your classroom or in your home. The DIY experiments feature step-by-step instructions and use everyday household items.

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Science on a Sphere

Science On a Sphere is a large visualization system that uses computers and video projectors to display animated data onto the outside of a sphere.

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