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St. John Properties IMAX Theater

An eclectic mix of travelogues, Hollywood features, and innovative 3D films show daily on the five story screen in 38 speaker surround sound.

Journey to Space 3D

Journey to Space 3D is a celebration of space exploration, a tribute to international cooperation in space research and a vision toward our near-term future beyond Earth’s orbit—a manned mission to Mars within a generation.

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Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

An amazing story of adventure, danger and the exploration of the unmapped west.

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Ring of Fire

Spectacular volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are featured, including Mount St. Helens, the Lonquimay volcano in Chile, Navidad in Chile, Sakurajima in Japan and Mount Merapi in Indonesia and the aftermath of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

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The Human Body

The Human Body reveals the incredible story of life. This film reveals The Human Body in a way never seen before–telling the incredible story of a single day in the lifetime of the you and me.

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Titans of the Ice Age 3D

Titans of the Ice Age 3D  transports viewers to the otherworldly frozen landscapes of the northern hemisphere 10,000 years before modern civilization. The film brings a harsh and beautiful era to life – a world buried in our ancestral memory, populated by saber-toothed cats, giant sloths, dire wolves and the iconic woolly mammoths.  Travel across […]

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Tornado Alley 3D

Tornado Alley follows Storm Chasers star Sean Casey and the scientists of VORTEX2, the largest tornado-research project ever assembled, on their epic missions to witness the birth of a tornado.

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