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Head to our Facebook page for a series of online events. Take on engineering challenges, discover new science in your backyard, and more!

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Maker Monday

Every Monday at noon our Shed Staff will be live-streaming an at home maker activity for you to try your hand at. Let’s make something! View this week’s event.

Past Maker Mondays

T-shirt Crocheting

We’re making use of all those old t-shirts you have laying around and turning them into something new. You’ll need a couple of old shirts, scissors, and your hands of course! We’ll introduce you to the technique here, and then the creation is up to you.

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Wild Woodworking

Welcome to the world of wild woodworking! We’ll be showing an easy intro to woodworking and fun projects you can try out with it! All you’ll need is safety glasses and gloves, some nails and a hammer, and a saw. If you have wood at home, great! If not, you can go outside and gather some sticks (larger than your thumb, and then greener the better).

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Book Binding

Today we’re taking the paper that we made last week (or any paper you happen to have lying around), and we’re binding it into our own handmade book.

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Paper Making

Today we’re showing you how to make your own paper using recycled paper. Don’t forget to join us next week where we’ll show you how to do book binding—tune in both weeks and you’ll end up with an entirely hand made book from scratch!

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Fort Building

Today, we’re going to be showing you some real building techniques to help you make the most EPIC home fort ever.

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Newspaper Baskets

Today we’re going to be showing you how to weave your own baskets from an unexpected material—newspaper! Follow along with our tutorial and then try it out at home.

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DIY Circuits

Today we’re making our own DIY Circuits! You’ll need aluminum foil, tape, something to cut with (xacto and box cutters work best but scissors will do), a straight edge, holiday string lights (broken or not), rubber bands, cardboard, and AA batteries. A wire stripper is also helpful if you have it.

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Stop Motion Animation

Join our Shed staff to learn how to make your very own short films using stop motion animation! You’ll need a tripod (or cardboard to make your own, we’ll show you how), a smartphone with the app Stop Motion Studio (free on both iOS and Android), characters and objects to feature in your film, a square foot of cardboard, printer paper, and markers.

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It’s our favorite floppy activity—inflatables! You’ll need a portable fan or hair dryer, an iron and ironing board, some old plastic shopping bags, wax or parchment paper, scissors, a permanent marker, and an adult safety partner of course!

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Mars Mission Challenge

We’re building a new community—on Mars! Each Tuesday at noon we’ll introduce a new challenge about living on the red planet, and ask you to help us solve it!  View this week’s event.

Past Mars Mission Challenges


We all know that Mars is reallyyyyy far away, and that could make communication between a community on Mars and Earth difficult. This week we’ll be tackling the best way to stay in touch between planets.

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Over the past couple of weeks we’ve thought about housing, food, protection from dust storms, energy and even sports! Life on Mars would probably be dangerous and have a lot of unexpected challenges, including marsquakes. This week we’re asking you to think about how we can stay safe during mars quakes, just like we do here on Earth.

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The Red Planet has a lot of secrets to share, but traveling on Mars could be a tricky business. This week, we’re thinking about how we could travel long distances on Mars, and what we’d need to explore it safely.

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Something that we can’t forget about even while in space, is that a bunch of systems and processes necessary to human life also create waste! This week, we’re challenging you to create a solution for the waste that we create on Mars.

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Over the past couple of weeks we’ve thought about housing, food, protection from dust storms, and energy. But in between all of the research and exploration, humans on Mars will also need entertainment and exercise!

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For a lot of human comforts, energy is an absolute necessity. Finding and filtering water on Mars would definitely require power, and therefore we’d need a power source to live on Mars at all!

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Dust Storms

Today we’re going to need to create a way to get from place to place, despite Mars’ massive dust storms. Engineer a system that will allow us to access any part of our community, and will hold up to blowing dust storms, being covered in dust, and the extreme cold that we worked around last week.

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We need you to design a Martian farm where we can cultivate delicious, nutrient rich foods. Will we need to eat new things when we make a home away from home, or can you engineer a farm that will allow you to enjoy your favorite Earth snacks in your Martian community?

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Space suits make a safe bubble around humans with a good oxygen supply. However, relaxing on the couch, playing a board game in the living room, and cooking every meal in a space suit could get old fast. This week, design a house to live, and be comfortable in on Mars.

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Animal Encounters

We’re going wild on Wednesday’s! Each Wednesday at 5pm, we’ll be featuring a new creature on our Facebook Live and telling you what makes it unique!  View this week’s event.

Past Animal Encounters


Today we’re introducing you to our many-legged friend, the millipede! Come learn about this harmless detritivore!

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Crested Gecko

Welcome to today’s Animal Encounter! We’re introducing you to an animal that was once thought to be extinct, but is now a popular pet—a crested gecko!

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Corn Snake

Welcome to today’s Animal Encounter! Today we’re introducing you to a corn snake—a nonvenomous species of snake native to North America.

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Everyone, meet Rosie! Today’s Animal Encounter is all about the eight-legged. MSC’s resident tarantula is here to help answer all your intriguing questions about arachnids!

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Today we’re introducing you to our very own terrapin. Terrapin’s are a very unique type of reptile, now is your chance to learn all about them!

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Baby Chicks

Welcome to the fluffiest version of our Animal Encounters yet! These cute little chicks JUST hatched.

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Bearded Dragon

Meet Venus, a two-year-old common bearded dragon!

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Spotted Leopard Gecko

Learn all about spotted leopard geckos.

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Box Turtle

Meet Murtle, MSC’s very own box turtle!

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Storybook Nook

Welcome to the Storybook Nook! Each Thursday at noon, we’re inviting you to join us for a couple of stories and activities meant to spur little minds.  View this week’s event.

Past Storybook Nooks


Join us today for a soothing story time all about rain. We have a few of our favorite books to share with you, a little coloring activity (grab your coloring tools!), and we’ll send you off with a fun activity you can try out for yourself at home. Let’s read!

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Fall into today’s Storybook Nook: Seasons! We’ll be reading a couple of books that will put a spring in your step, and then showing you a fun activity to keep the winter wonderland going.

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Fun with Fish

Welcome to today’s Storybook Nook! We’re taking some time today to read a couple of books about the fun world of fish, and then sharing a couple of activities you can try out at home.

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Over the Moon

Welcome to today’s Storybook Nook! We’re taking some time today to read a couple of books about the fun world of fish, and then sharing a couple of activities you can try out at home.

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Earth & Recycling

Welcome back to Storybook Nook! We’re so excited for you to join us today for a couple of Earth Day themed books and an activity.

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For the Birds

Join us today for a couple of books about birds, and a little activity to go along with.

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The first week of Storybook Nook was all about colors! We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Still Walsh and Chameleon’s Colors by Chisato Tashiro. After, we shared a fun color mixing activity for you to try at home.

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Backyard Biology Challenge

It’s time to get outside for some Backyard Biology! Each Saturday at noon, we’ll be introducing a new activity to help you explore the science of your own backyard!  View this week’s event.

Past Backyard Biology Challenges

Nature Weaving

This Saturday, we’re blending biology with art for a fun and colorful activity!

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Sprout House

This Saturday, we’re going to show you how to create your own sprout house and grow your own sprouts.

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Sink or Float?

This Saturday, we’re going to be forming some hypotheses and conducting experiments! So what do you think—will it sink, or will it float?

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Naturalist Journals

Alright backyard biologists, it’s time to head outside! Today we’re creating our own naturalist guide by going outside and recording what you see.

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Plant Biology

This challenge has two parts to help you learn about plant biology! We’ll be talking about photosynthesis and transpiration—two very important life processes for plants.

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We’re making unique suncatchers using items you can find in your backyard. First you’ll need need a mason jar ring (or cardboard cut in a ring if you can’t find one!), packing tape, and string.

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Itsy Bitsy Sing Along

Everyone’s favorite Kids Room activity is now taking place online! Join us every Sunday at noon for a virtual Itsy Bitsy Sing Along.  View this week’s event.

Past Itsy Bitsy Sing Alongs

Move and Groove

Today’s Itsy Bitsy Sing Along is all about moving and grooving! First we’ll be making our own conducting batons. Then we’ll be singing a few of our favorite songs about movement, and having fun dancing about as well.

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Mother's Day

Join us to sing and celebrate mothers! Today’s Itsy Bitsy Sing Along features a few of our favorite songs about moms, and we’ve got a fun activity to go with! Tune in and join in on the fun!

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Welcome to the Itsy Bitsy Sing Along! Today we’re singing celebration songs and making homemade tambourines.

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Traveling Songs

Today we’re taking a little trip – with song! We’ll be singing our favorite traveling songs and experimenting with hand drums to give us a good beat out on the open road.

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Body Beats

Welcome to today’s Itsy Bitsy Sing Along: Body Beats! Today we’re going to be singing songs all about our bodies and creating some body percussion while we do. So get ready to clap, snap, and stomp in today’s Itsy Bitsy Sing Along!

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Today’s songs are all about weather, and we’ll be making a rain stick to go with! You’ll need paper towel tubes, tin foil, rice, one paper towel, and tape or rubber bands!

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Numbers and Counting

Today we’re singing songs all about numbers and counting, and we’ll be making a number drum to go with.

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All About Animals

Today is all about animals so we’ll be singing four of our favorite animal songs and making shakers together!

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Kitchen Rock Band

Today we’re building a kitchen rock band, so grab those pots and pans and join in on the fun! We’ll be singing our favorite kitchen/cooking songs too!

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