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    Domino Day

    Maryland Science Center
    Sept. 14, 12 - 4pm
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    Free with paid admission
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    Dominoes will be toppling at MSC on Saturday, September 14.

    World-renowned domino topple expert Scott Suko will be leading the creation of a dynamic domino topple design through our Harbor Lobby. These dominoes will form a mesmerizing variety of patterns and effects. This year‘s theme is Life Rising, with dominoes depicting DNA and the patterns of life in a manner inspired by the artwork of M. C. Escher. The topple will take place at 2:00pm on Saturday, but come early to test designs of your own with the help of our domino experts!

    Domino Day is sponsored by Domino Sugar. We’d also like to thank the H5 domino community for publicizing our event in their domino community newsletter.