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Revitalization for Today – Securing the Future!

A $7.5 Million Investment in Informal Science Education

What is STEAM? It’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Our children need to explore it, learn about it and understand it in order to…

  • succeed academically
  • prepare professionally
  • compete globally

And they need STEAM beyond the classroom. That’s informal science education. That’s what we do. At our Inner Harbor location, as well as at libraries, schools and community centers throughout the state, we celebrate science through exciting, hands-on experiences that are the start of science exploration for children and families. We are inspiring and preparing the next generation of great thinkers. Here’s what your donation to Revitalization for Today — Securing the Future! will achieve:

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For more information about the Campaign and how you can have an impact, contact Marty Perreault, Senior Director of Development at 410-545-5970 or mperreault@marylandsciencecenter.org.