Today’s Hours


Science Engagement Catalyst

Science Engagement Catalysts embody the “Let’s Science” attitude of the Maryland Science Center and set in motion guests’ experiences with science. From physics experiments, to chemistry activities, to engineering challenges, Science Engagement Catalysts are responsible for bringing science and people together.


  • Attract, excite, and encourage guests to participate in scientific experiences
  • Facilitate short hands-on, minds-on activities on a wide variety of STEM topics
  • Be a resource for guests’ questions and provide good general guest service

Required Skills:

  • Comfortable and enthusiastic with many different STEM fields
  • Friendly and conversant with guests of all ages and able to handle various size groups
  • Ability to communicate effectively and observe safety protocols

Physical Requirements:

Ability to be on your feet for extended periods with some bending and kneeling


Training will be provided by Public Programs staff. Some generalized training in facilitation and safety will be provided initially. Training on specific activities and shows will happen on an ongoing basis thereafter.


4-hour shifts are available Friday-Sunday.

Minimum Commitment:

Two consistent 4-hour shifts per month, for a minimum of six months. A willingness to volunteer for additional hours is always welcome!


Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, by phone 410-799-1627  or email volunteers@mdsci.org to find out if the position you’re interested in is accepting volunteers at this time.

To apply for a volunteer position, please download and fill out the adult volunteer application and return by email to volunteers@mdsci.org.