Today’s Hours


Kids Room On-Floor Educator

Engage young guests with ready-made, fun, hands-on activities and support the daily operation of the early childhood exhibit space.


  • Support children’s learning through play
  • Lead hands-on science, math, art, engineering, and literacy activities
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Assist with the daily upkeep of the exhibit space

Required Skills:

  • Experience working with young children
  • Friendly, pleasant demeanor
  • At ease with people of all ages

Physical requirements:

  • Ability to stand for periods of time up to one hour
  • Ability to work with children at their eye level (i.e., ability to get onto floor and get up again)


Provided by Kids Room staff


4-hour shifts are available Wednesday-Sunday

Minimum Commitment:

Two consistent 4-hour shifts per month, for a minimum of three months. A willingness to volunteer for additional hours is always welcome!


Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, by phone 410-779-1627  or email volunteers@mdsci.org to find out if the position you’re interested in is accepting volunteers at this time.

To apply for a volunteer position, please download and fill out the adult volunteer application and return by email to volunteers@mdsci.org.