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Exhibit Fabricator

Do enjoy making things out of wood, metal, and plastic? Would you like to apply your skills to help us make the next exhibit at the Maryland Science Center? Please note that this position requires that you are skilled in safe and effective woodworking tool use-only candidates who can demonstrate proficiency will be accepted. Required skills listed below.


  • Work from construction drawings to create finished exhibit components
  • Fabricate components that assist with exhibit shop operation (for example: jigs and fixtures, organizational structures) and other science center operations.


Must be able to demonstrate correct and safe use of:

  • Table saw, specifically: ripping and crosscutting plywood with fence and with miter gauge
  • Miter saw, ideally a sliding compound miter saw. Specifically: cross-cutting at right angles and at non-right angles
  • Hand Router or Router table, specifically: changing bits, cutting dadoes and grooves, rounding over edges
  • Band saw: cutting curves
  • Drill press: adjusting table height, changing bits, basic drilling procedure
  • Attention to detail and ability to stick with a task until it is completed to high quality standards
  • Ability to work from dimensioned construction drawings


Shop orientation provided by Exhibit Fabrication.Orientation includes a basic safety overview and a short assignment where you demonstrate your skills by building a box to the specs (construction drawing) provided.

Interested? Contact Jessica Ann at to apply.