Today’s Hours

Connecting the latest in Earth system science with you.

TerraLink is a high tech environment accompanied by high touch experiences. Part media center, part discovery room, and part newsroom, TerraLink brings you the “latest and greatest” in Earth system science.

Exhibit highlights

  • Real time global seismic activity monitoring
  • Hands-on tornado vortex simulator

Geology, global mapping, environmental science, marine biology

Fly over images of local cities and cities around the world. Navigate from low-Earth-orbit to the top of your house using real data. Shape sand dunes with the force of the wind. Trace real time weather patterns. Observe and disrupt a forming tornado with your hand. TerraLink is high tech and hands on!

TerraLink staff is ready to share their knowledge with you. Through different interactive experiences you may discover the impacts of earthquakes, test out alternative forms of energy, perform a dissection to better understand an ecosystem, and use a microscope to understand what plants and animals live in our water.

Connecting and interpreting the latest in Earth system science discovery

TerraLink is equipped with internet-ready computers, media players, satellite television and surround-sound audio systems. Computer and video sources can be displayed on huge screens offering visitors a unique immersive experience. If it’s happening in Earth system science—it’s happening in TerraLink.