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Who Dunnit Day

Maryland Science Center
Oct. 23, 12 - 4pm
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Free with paid admission
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Can you solve the mystery of the missing piñata?

It could have been the best birthday party of all time. The DJ was spinning tunes, a magician was setting up for his magic show, and everyone was chowing down on pizza in the backyard. All was going according to plan until, the piñata went missing!

We need your help to solve this mystery at Who Dunnit Day on Saturday, October 23 from noon- 4:00pm. Search for clues at the scene of the crime, use scientific investigation techniques to piece together evidence, and connect the dots to get the party back on track. Will you be able to close the case of the missing piñata?  All Who Dunnit Day activities are free with paid admission and completely free for MSC members.