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Wonders of the Winter Sky

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Mon 2/26

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Tues 2/27

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Wed 2/28
Thurs 2/29
Fri 3/1
Sat 3/2
Sun 3/3
Mon 3/4

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Tues 3/5
Wed 3/6
Thurs 3/7
Fri 3/8
Sat 3/9
Sun 3/10
Mon 3/11

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Tues 3/12
Wed 3/13

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Thurs 3/14
Fri 3/15
Sat 3/16
Sun 3/17

Week of 2/26 - 3/3

Winter nights are long and cold, but offer bright and colorful stars like no other season.

The prominent constellation Orion the hunter helps find many distinct stars, clusters and patterns in the sky tonight. A presenter leads the way across the night sky and a beautiful selection of wonderful sky objects.