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Magically May – Online

Maryland Science Center
May 16, 12 - 4pm
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Is it magic or is it science?

Join us for Magically May online and discover the science behind some tricks right at home! We’ll be bringing magical activities to you all day long via at-home activities, live streams and videos. Join us here or on our Facebook page on Saturday, May 16 from noon to 4:00pm.

Spend the whole day learning about the science behind some of our favorite magical tricks with activities you can do right at home and online demonstrations and challenges! See how you can walk through a sheet of normal paper, poke a hole in a balloon without popping it, or make a coin float. Check out our magical demonstrations with water and fire! It might seem like magic, but we’re here to show you the science and how you can do it at home to wow your friends and family!

How do I participate?

Join us on our Facebook Page, where activities will be posted according to the schedule below. You can also get access to all the activities here on our website at the scheduled times (Facebook Live Videos will be posted once completed).

Magical Music

Make a day of it! Put on our Magically May Spotify playlist full of songs about magic for an added level of fun! Use this link to listen: Spotify – Magically May


12:00pm – Can you walk through a sheet of paper?

Facebook live video

We’ll be introducing a challenge to kick off Magically May to see if you can walk through a normal sheet of paper!

12:30pm – 30 Second science: Magical experiments


Check out some of our favorite 30 Second Science videos that seem too magical to be science!

1:00pm – Sheet of paper reveal!

Facebook live video

After you’ve had some time to try and master the trick, we’ll show you how you can walk through a sheet of paper!

1:30pm – Balloon Kabobs

Science at home activity

Think you can make a kabob out of a balloon without deflating it?

2:00pm – Water magic


Sometimes water behaves in unusual ways! Learn some cool new tricks to do with water that we’ll explain with science.

2:30pm – Spinning Pictures

Science at home activity & video

Build a toy that plays tricks on your eyes!

3:00pm – Black Magic Chromatography

Science at home activity & video

Discover the color your eyes can’t see in your markers with this Science at home activity!

3:30pm – Floating Coin


Watch as we make a coin float in the air without touching it! Then try it out for yourself and impress all your friends with your new magical abilities!

4:00pm – Fire magic


Don’t try these tricks at home! Check out our fiery finale of tricks to end our magical day!