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Lunchtime Lecture: Living with our Star

Maryland Science Center
Apr. 12, 12 - 1pm
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Presenter: Ann Darrin, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

This fun and informational survey will pass Pluto to the Kuiper Belt and turn inward to our Sun uncovering the secrets that affect our daily life living with our favorite Star.  Ann’s organization builds and operates explorers such as the record breaking Parker Solar Probe(*) and the New Horizons space craft traveling past Pluto into the Kuiper Belts and passing Ultima Thule yet to be determined objects Jan. 1st among other extreme operators!  Ann is the Managing Executive for the Space Exploration Sector and author editor of five space related texts.  Her organization is where extreme engineering comes into practice to understand space weather, chase asteroids and adventure even further to understand how to live with our very own Star (and all of its DRAMA!)

* The probe set a record Oct. 29 for the closest approach by a human-made object to the sun and fastest spacecraft relative to the sun, exceeding a heliocentric velocity of 153,454 mph (42.6 miles per second; 68.6 kilometers per second).

Each lecture will also be available for viewing as a live-streaming event at noon on the day of the lecture, on the Maryland Science Center’s Facebook Page.