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Lunchtime Lecture: Environmental Policy and Wetlands

Maryland Science Center
Feb. 14, 12 - 1pm
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Presenter: Susan-Marie Stedman, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Environmental Policy and the Wild World of Jurisdictional Wetlands

Here in the Washington D.C. area we hear the word “policy” on a daily basis. Yet few people could tell you exactly what “policy” is. I’ll explain the basic concepts of policy using real-life examples like how to handle panhandlers, and then cover the illogical  history of the grandmother of environmental policy, the National Environmental Policy Act. From there we’ll wade into the wild world of WOTUS – “waters of the United States” – and how a marsh can be a wetland one minute and not a wetland the next. Chest waders optional.

Each lecture will also be available for viewing as a live-streaming event at noon on the day of the lecture, on the Maryland Science Center’s Facebook Page.