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Let’s Science Summer

Maryland Science Center
Daily: June 30–Sept. 3
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Let’s Science Summer! Each week, celebrate the summer with a different theme and help us heat things, freeze things, build things, take things apart, and even blow things up.

This week during Let’s Science Summer:




June 30 – July 8
We’re serving up some fun this summer as we dig into the science of food. Burn calories (literally!), explode watermelons, drink liquid nitrogen smoothies, see what happens when Fresnel lenses and the sun mix, and more!


Fizz and Foam

July 9 – July 15
Get ready for a week of super sudsy and ferociously frothy science! Engineer your own bath bombs, make floam slime, and mix up some edible grape-flavored foam as you watch us send exploding, soapy trash cans flying into the sky. Pro-tip: Don’t miss Bubble Days, everyone’s favorite soapy spheroid celebration, on July 14 and July 15.


Sun and Heat

July 16 – July 22
This week of Let’s Science Summer is almost too hot to handle. Harness the power of heat to make melted wax suncatchers, watch a giant fireball swirl through the air, and so much more you won’t want to miss as things heat up at MSC.


Beach Week

July 23 – July 29
Grab your beach towels, flip-flops, and swimsuits–we’re having one totally tubular beach week at the Maryland Science Center. Dissect squid and crab molts. Make a sandy beach slime. Hang ten with us at our beach party bonanza where you can shoot pool noodle rockets, toss around giant beach balls, and more!


Polar Party

July 30 – August 5
Brrrrr…is it getting cold in here? Beat the summer heat with us this week as we have a polar party. Build a snowball launcher, go ice bowling, participate in penguin races, and see if it’s possible to set ice on fire. We’ve got lots of icy science surprises in store for you!



August 6 – August 12
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and experience the wonders of carnival science. Try your luck at our carnival endurance course. Build catapults to launch toy frogs through the air. Practice your scarf juggling skills, and those brave enough can even spin the wheel of mystery science.


Great Outdoors

August 13 – August 19
Ah, the great outdoors! Discover the natural world and the science it takes to survive and have fun in it. Construct a fort to provide shelter, and watch a fire vortex whirl to life. Play giant patio games in front of the harbor, and mix up your own sidewalk chalk. Make garden-starting seed balls, and get down and dirty with owl pellet dissection. Pro tip: Don’t miss Backyard Science Days, a weekend filled with all kinds of creepy and crawly goodness, on August 18 and August 19.


Dog Days of Summer

August 20 – August 26
The summer sun and heat might be hounding us, but we’re not slowing down. Brave the dog days of summer at MSC with a week full of hair-raising, eye-popping science experiments and activities. DIY a bouncy ball, propel yourself with plungers in a scooter race, and more. Plus, keep an eye on our drop tube–you never know what might come falling down!



August 27 – September 2
Lace up those cleats and don those knee pads and shin guards–we’re hitting the training field for this week of Let’s Science Summer as we science sports! Dissect baseballs to see what’s inside, engineer your very own uniform, take first place in a trophy challenge, run through training camp, and more. Do you have what it takes to make it to the majors?


Farewell to Summer

September 3
Say it isn’t so! The start of the school year is right around the corner. Join us as we hold onto this awesome summer vacation for just one more day.