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Let’s Science Summer

Maryland Science Center
Daily: July 1–Sept. 2
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Let’s Science Summer! Each week, celebrate the summer with a different theme and help us heat things, freeze things, build things, take things apart, and even blow things up. Kids and adults will have a blast exploring all the new events and activities.

This week during Let's Science Summer:


Game On

July 1 – July 7
Get your game on in the first week of Let's Science Summer. MSC turns into an awesome arcade for all kinds of amusing activities!

Science by the Sea

July 8 – July 12
Explore all things oceanic in this weeks theme, Science by the Sea! And don’t miss Bubble Days, everyone’s favorite soapy spheroid celebration, on July 13 and July 14.

Outta This World

July 15 – July 21
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Engineer moon missions, make your own rocket launchers, and don't miss our new planetarium show, One Small Step.

Go Wild

July 22 – July 28
Get in touch with your wild side with all kinds of animal activities! Learn about animal homes, adaptations, camouflage, and more. Don't forget to catch The Lion King in our IMAX theater!

Wizard Academy

July 29 – August 4
Learn about the magic of science! Try mixing up some of your own potions and creating your own illusions. Muggles welcome!

Great Outdoors

August 5 – August 9
Science can be found everywhere, even in your own backyard! Bonus: don't miss Backyard Science Days on August 10 and 11.

Art Jubilee

August 12 – August 18
Feeling creative? Learn how art and science can go hand in hand! Try out different artistic methods that require a little bit of science!

Kitchen Chemistry

August 19 – August 25
We'll have what the chemist's having! We're serving up some scrumptious science with all sorts of food-based experiments.

Survivor: Science Edition

August 26 – September 2
Quick, you're stranded on an island, what do you do first? This week, learn some survival skills and the science behind them!