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Grown Up Field Trip: Welcome to Hogwarts

Maryland Science Center
Sept. 8, 7 - 10pm
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Who said field trips were just for kids??? Certainly not us!

Your letter from Hogwarts has just arrived! Spend a magical evening at the Maryland Science Center, drink in hand, exploring our exhibit halls, attending witchcraft and wizardry classes, and more. Grab your tickets before they disappear.


  • Visit the potions lab and test pH levels by mixing up a drinkable chemical concoction
  • Enter the Tri-Wizard tournament of mini challenges with your friends
  • Trick your sense when you taste the science version of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans
  • Practice your Quaffle shooting at Quidditch practice
  • Roam the exhibit halls while enjoying drinks from Pherm Brewing Company
  • Visit the Owlery to dissect owl pellets, hunt down every ghost in the castle, and more!

Event Details:

This event is a part of the Maryland Science Center’s Adult Programs and is for ages 21+ only. A valid ID is required upon arrival. Admission includes participation in all activities and access to selected exhibits. Drink will be available for purchase from Linganore Winecellers and Pherm Brewing Company. Please enter through the front Harbor Lobby entrance. This event is likely to sell out.

Costumes are encouraged, but no weapons are allowed.

All proceeds benefit the educational programs at the Maryland Science Center.