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Grown Up Field Trip: The Inside Story

Maryland Science Center
Nov. 19, 7 - 10pm
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Who said field trips are just for kids???

Certainly not us… Put your body to the test at the Maryland Science Center! Join us for an exclusive night of kid-free exploration of our brand new human body exhibit, You– The Inside Story! Have some drinks as you trick your senses, challenge your balance and strength, and examine the grossness of the amazing machine that is your body.


  • Engineer a boogie picker to clear our giant nose in Snotty Engineering!
  • Now that we’re all expert hand washers, let’s explore what makes soap and alcohol so good at fighting viruses by takin on a germ blasting experiment.
  • Test your ability to do simple tasks without the help of t hose beautiful opposable thumbs.
  • Trick your brain’s ability to create your sense of reality with some optical illusion games.
  • Enjoy the exhibit and all activities with a drink in your hand from Hysteria Brewing Co. and Wild Bay Kombucha.
  • Explore all of the interactives in our brand new 12,000 square foot exhibit.
  • Conduct experiements in SciLab, presented by BD, and more!

Event Details:

This event is part of the Maryland Science Center’s Adult Programs and is for ages 21+. A valid ID is required upon arrival. Admission includes one drink ticket, participation in all activities, and access to selected exhibits. Additional drink tickets will be available for purchase. Please enter through the front Harbor Lobby entrance. This event is likely to sell out.

All proceeds benefit the educational programs at the Maryland Science Center.