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Forces of Nature

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Follow scientists on their quests to understand how natural disasters are triggered.

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Narrated by Kevin Bacon, this IMAX® film showcases three scientists striving to understand the origins and behavior of natural disasters while putting their own lives in danger.

It is one thing to contemplate the immense power of nature, and another to experience these forces first-hand. Forces of Nature showcases the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes, and severe storms as you follow scientists on their groundbreaking quests to understand how these natural disasters are triggered. Audiences will learn what is being done to predict and prepare for these events–and minimize their deadly effects as they come face-to-face with Earth’s most destructive forces.

Work alongside volcanologist Dr. Marie Edmonds as she deploys an arsenal of sophisticated instruments along the rim of a volcano. Geophysicist Dr. Ross Stein takes us to the ancient city of Istanbul where he studies one of the most seismically active faults in the world. And Dr. Joshua Wurman, a top tornado scientist, endeavours to get a radar’s-eye view inside a tornado and solve the mystery of how these deadly funnel clouds are born.