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Bubble Day Online

Maryland Science Center
July 17, 12 - 4pm
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Pop in online for the best at-home bubble party with the help of science!

Join us for Bubble Day Online on July 17 from noon to 4pm with activities, videos and live demonstrations!  Get ready for an online day that will be bursting with at-home science fun!

How do I participate in Bubble Days Online?

Join us here, or on Facebook, where activities will be posted according to a schedule. Check out last year’s schedule below to get an idea of some of the activities we’ll be posting!

2020 Schedule

12:00PM – Bubble-Ology 101: The Secret Science of Soap!

Facebook live video

Check out a master Bubble-ologist, Casey Carle, in his suds-tacular bubble show! Check out this fantastic display of color, light, air movement and mesmerizing creations.

12:30PM – Bubble Blowing Challenges

Science at home & video

Think you can master the art of bubble blowing? Take on MSC’s bubble blowing challenges!

1:00PM – Bubble Monster Trashcan Spectacle

Facebook live video

Join us live from MSC as we make a monstrous mess with bubbles!

1:30PM – DIY Bubble Want Trio

Science at home

Create all kinds of bubble wands to create all kinds of bubbles right at home!

2:00PM – Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Science at home

Test out which tools can make the best bubbles and learn why soap makes such long-lasting bubbles!

2:30PM – Engineer a Bubble Blower

Science at home

Use items from around your home to see if you can engineer your own automatic bubble blower!

3:00PM – Bubble Bonfire Spectacle

Facebook live video

This isn’t a bubble activity to try at home! Join us live from MSC as we show you a different kind of bonfire.

3:30PM – Bouncing Bubbles

Science at home & video

Bubbles can’t bounce off objects, they just pop, right? Well… not always.

4:00PM – Bubble Art


Turn your suds into a work of art!


Check back for a list of suggested materials as we near the date of the event!