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Snow Day Science

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Stuck at home on a snow day?  We’ve got you covered.  Check out these cool experiments using snow, ice, and household supplies.

Maple Syrup Taffy
Make this sweet treat using a very important ingredient—snow!

Soda Slushy
Discover what a supercool liquid is and make your own supercooled soda.

Shrinking Wool
You may have been told to be careful how you wash your wool clothes, or you may have experienced first hand that wool can shrink.  Find out why that happens through this hands on experiment.

Snowball Launcher Challenge
For this snow day challenge, try to build a launcher that can send a snowball flying through the air.  Whether it’s catapulted or launched with a slingshot, we have tips to send that snow soaring.

Snowflake Window Clings
Snowflake clings are easy, fun, and will stick around on your window long after the snow stops falling.

Ice Castles
Don’t wait until summer to make a sand castle, perfect your skills this winter by making an ice castle!  Create your own design and learn how to weld pieces of ice together.

Build a Mini Sled
Make a sled out of recycled materials.  Test out what materials, shapes, and weight send your sled down a hill the fastest.

Feathers, Fur, or Fat?
Animals that live in cold places have to keep warm to survive. Find out how different animals stay warm and discover what materials make the best insulators.

How Clean Is Your Snow?
You’ve always heard not to eat the yellow snow, but is white snow completely clean? Test it out for yourself.

Snow Gauge
Become your household’s meteorologist by tracking and recording the snowfall using this simple gauge that can be constructed at home.

Snow Goggles
A bright and snowy day can be harmful to your eyes but with just a few materials you can have your very own pair of snow goggles, as inspired by the Inuit people of the Arctic.

Soap Snowballs
Get festive this winter by turning a bar of Ivory soap into a soap snowball.  Make different sizes and continue to use as regular soap.