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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.  SciCasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe here.

December 2012

The days are still getting shorter, but only until the Winter Solstice on December 21. Find out what you will see in the sky (both morning and evening) as we count down to the longer days ahead.

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November 2012

As the clocks turn back we witness earlier sunsets and endure longer nights. This month, we tell you when it is a good idea to stay up late and prepare you for what event you will see.

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October 2012

Will the Halloween spirits be greeted with a full moon at the end of the month? Tune in to find out where the moon will appear and which bright stars, planets, and constellations it will pass by.

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September 2012

This month, you will see a red planet and a red star in the night sky. Listen in to find out what they are and what their relationship is. We also invite you to our International Observe the Moon Night event at our Observatory.

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August 2012

Where will Curiosity take you? Listen in to find out about the latest Mars mission and where the planets Mars and Saturn are located in the early evening sky.

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July 2012

Warm summer nights are a great time for stargazing. Listen in to find out what the Moon, Saturn, Mars and even spacecrafts have in store for us this month.

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May 2012

Tune in this month to find out what event will occur in our night sky in June that will only happen once in your lifetime as well as how and where to view it.

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April 2012

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn are all visible in this month’s sky. Spring is known for showers, but in this case we are talking about a meteor shower, listen in to find out if you will be able to see it and when.

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March 2012

March marks the time of year we change our clocks and seasons. Listen in to find out what the spring night sky holds in store for your viewing pleasure.  

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