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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.  SciCasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe here.

October 2013

Learn about International Observe the Moon Night and how you can celebrate at the Maryland Science Center. Also tune in to hear when you can see a rare triple transit in the sky; the passing of three of Jupiter’s moons right across the planet.

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September 2013

Have you noticed the daylight hours are dwindling? This month, tune in for a preview of what you can see in the night sky this fall. After all, the first day of fall will be here before we know it on September 22nd.

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August 2013

Summer is in full swing but likewise winding down for the start of the school year. This summer sky still includes the planet Saturn. Find out how to locate Saturn in the night sky and on what night Saturn shares the sky with a meteor shower.

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July 2013

Summer nights are short, but one reward they offer is seeing the Milky Way. Learn what stars mark the path of the Milky Way and what constellations will help you find the center of the Milky Way.

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June 2013

In the month of June, the sun travels highest across the sky and results in the longest days of the year. This month, take some time to consider its power and impact on our lives.

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May 2013

In May, we focus on the tantalizing trio of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, whose varying brightness and speed will give us quite the show in the sky. Learn who is on their way out of visibility and who is about the take center stage in the sky this spring.

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April 2013

Whether April showers will cloud our view of the sky or not doesn’t mean celestial activity above the clouds ceases. Learn which celestial symbol of spring will be visible and where to look to see Saturn this month.

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March 2013

Comet Pan-STARRS will make its first appearance ever in our sky. Since it has no history, there are no guarantees of what you will see but tune in to find out where and when the best viewing will be.

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February 2013

Planets are a major treat to see among the stars, but sometimes other objects make an appearance or at least pass by. Tune in to find out what will be visiting us in the middle of this month and what else we have to look forward to.

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