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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.  SciCasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe here.

March 2015

Are you ready for Spring? Rest assured, it is coming! Spring begins on the equinox on March 20. Things will begin to brighten up in the night sky as well, with moon and planet pairings including the two brightest planets Jupiter and Venus.

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February 2015

This month we are treated to views of several planets in the sky as well as a full moon. Tune in to find out when it will be the perfect time to observe Jupiter; it’s an event that only happens once a year!

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January 2015

This happy new year starts with the moon among the stars of Taurus the bull. The moon is on the move this month, tune in to find out where to look for it and when to call it a wolf moon.

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December 2014

Aside from the holidays that come to mind this month there are celestial connections to December. Listen in to learn about these celestial events including the winter solstice, the Geminid meteor shower, and the phases of the moon as 2014 comes to a close.

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November 2014

Get the scoop on meteors, also known as shooting stars, this month as we witness the Leonids meteor shower and gear up for the Geminids meteor shower next month.  Don’t be fooled though, not all lights moving across the sky are shooting stars.  Tune in to find out what else you might be looking at.

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October 2014

The excitement at the beginning of the month was focused on the lunar eclipse but as we move through October our focus turns to Mars.  Tune in to learn about the Maven spacecraft currently circling Mars and what the Maven along with other active missions are about to witness that could offer great scientific results.

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September 2014

The moon leads the way across the night sky this month and by the end of the month the moon, Mars, and Antares will meet up. Learn about the traits of Antares, how it compares to our planets and the Sun, and tune in to find out where to see this giant star.

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August 2014

August brings a lot to look for in our night sky. The full moon on August 10 will be the largest full moon of 2014. Find out what that means for sailors and what other spectacular night sky spectacles follow later in the month.

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July 2014

Keep an eye on Mars this month as it moves across the sky, passing by Virgo’s brightest star Spica on its way to meet up with Saturn. Tune in to learn how to best identify Mars and Saturn in our night sky.

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