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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.  SciCasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe here.

April 2017

This month we have a medley of moons, planets, and space stations visible in the night sky! Look up the night of April 12th and wave hello to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Tune in to learn how to identify the ISS, what it is, and when to best spot it.   […]

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March 2017

This month we welcome the start of Daylight Saving Time and the Spring Equinox! Through our discussion of the March 4th Occultation of the Moon and the star Aldebaran, we take a closer look at Occultations, Transits, and Eclipses. Listen to learn what these terms mean and how they differ. Also, hear how observing Transits […]

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February 2017

This month we explore the constellation Orion! Discover some of the key stars that form the constellation, what their names mean, and how to identify them by color and brightness. Listen to learn more about this and other celestial on-goings in our February 2017 night sky!    

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January 2017

Happy New Year. As we welcome the start of 2017 we look forward to a special astronomical event this summer: a total solar eclipse on August 21st! The last total solar eclipse visible to the United States took place 26 years ago in 1991. In the January night sky, star watchers can see Mars, Venus, […]

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December 2016

In this final month of the calendar year, several celestial items are worth noting. Hear about winter’s Moon and star patterns in this final podcast of 2015.

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November 2016

This November’s perigee is the closest to Earth since 1948! Tune in to learn what a perigee is, it’s effect on Earth, and other notable celestial highlight’s in this month’s podcast.    

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October 2016

The planetary parade continues. Tune in to learn where you can spot Mars, Saturn, and Venus in the sky during the course of the month. October also brings us three super moons and International Observe the Moon night! Visit the Maryland Science Center’s Observatory on Saturday, October 8th rain or shine to celebrate.    

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September 2016

As Summer comes to an end, we discuss the impending Autumnal Equinox and how it affects daylight leading up to the Winter Solstice in December. Not only does September bring us the official start of Fall, but also two new moons. Listen to learn more!    

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August 2016

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn continue to shine in our August night sky! In this episode, our host Wendy Ackerman offers tips on how to locate these planets by their relation to the moon.    

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