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Keep up with the latest news from our night sky with the Sky and Stars SciCasts–listen in to find out what to look out for in our ever changing night sky.  SciCasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe here.

February 2016

This month’s SciCast will help clarify what planets are visible in our sky, along with where and when. In February we have five planets visible in the morning sky before sunrise. Tune in to discover the different characteristics of, and how to recognize, each one.

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January 2016

Happy New Year! Clear January nights are among the best through the year for observing stars and also a good time to get familiar with (or more familiar with) some of them.  Explore the stars that make up Orion and discover how to measure star distances.

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December 2015

In this final month of the calendar year, several celestial items are worth noting. Hear about winter’s Moon and star patterns in this final podcast of 2015.

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November 2015

November kicks off with the return of standard time. Discover a little history behind Daylight Saving Time and why it’s still worth getting up for some pre-dawn celestial sightings.

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October 2015

October features planets visible in the morning sky. Through this month four planets appear in the morning sky before sunrise. Tune in to find out where to look and how to recognize these early celestial sightings.

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September 2015

Tune in to discover characteristics of the equinox, learn how celestial events affect our tides, and save the date for viewing events taking place at our rooftop Observatory.

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August 2015

Summer seems to be coming to a quick close but before it does we have the opportunity to see Saturn and the annual Perseid meteor shower. Listen in for the best times to see these celestial highlights.

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July 2015

During this epic month in Solar System exploration the New Horizons spacecraft closes in on distant Pluto. Tune in to learn about this fly-by approach, its challenges, and where New Horizons is headed next.

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June 2015

There are a few duos to note in the sky this month: Venus closes in on Jupiter and New Horizons closes in on Pluto. Tune in to find out more about the New Horizons Mission and discover the best planet viewing times this month.

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