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Science Encounters

The Science Center offers a variety of Science Encounters to experience while visiting–witness live hair raising science experiments on the Demo Stage, view Global changes on a 3-dimensional sphere at Science On a Sphere, encounter the night sky in all its glory on our rooftop Observatory, and keep up to date on what to look for in our night sky with SciCasts.

May 2017

Welcome to May. The days are getting longer with the sun rising 25 minutes earlier and setting 25 minutes later throughout the month, leading up to the summer solstice in June! In this episode, we track the moon as it passes through and/or near various constellations, stars, and planets visible in our night sky. We also take […]

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April 2017

This month we have a medley of moons, planets, and space stations visible in the night sky! Look up the night of April 12th and wave hello to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Tune in to learn how to identify the ISS, what it is, and when to best spot it.   […]

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March 2017

This month we welcome the start of Daylight Saving Time and the Spring Equinox! Through our discussion of the March 4th Occultation of the Moon and the star Aldebaran, we take a closer look at Occultations, Transits, and Eclipses. Listen to learn what these terms mean and how they differ. Also, hear how observing Transits […]

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May 2016

It’s a planet party in the sky this month with Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn all visible in the evening sky. Plus Mercury presents a treat on May 9 when it passes in front of the Sun for the first time since 2006.

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April 2016

From early in the morning to late at night there’s something for everyone in the sky this month. Tune in to find out what planetary and star pairings are visible and best times for viewing.

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March 2016

March 20 will mark the official first day of spring, and we’ll set our clocks forward the week before. Although it will stay light out later, there are still plenty of reasons to get up early. Tune in to find out what Moon and planetary pairings will be visible and how to best spot them.

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Science At Home

Science happens all around us. Search through our archive of experiments for science that you can do in your classroom or in your home. The DIY experiments feature step-by-step instructions and use everyday household items.

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Animation Clips

See animated visualizations on a variety of subjects including Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the Mars global surveyor spacecraft findings, the earth with clouds, ocean and land cover, and much more.

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X-Ray Sun

See the outer atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona. This outer layer is hundreds to thousands of times hotter than the surface of the Sun we see in visible light and is where the Sun is most dynamic. See flares, solar eruptions, coronal holes, and how they affect life on earth and the technology we rely on.

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