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Demo Stage

Science Live on the Demonstration Stage takes place throughout the day on a variety of hair-raising, mind-boggling, and eye-catching topics.

Science Center presenters demonstrate the wonders of scientific phenomena from the stage and invite audiences to ask questions and help with the presentation. Show times are posted daily—along with topics. Current Demo Stage shows include presentations on:


Learn how to dress for success in Antarctica, using the real clothes worn by scientists working there! You’ll also find out how penguins and other animals survive the freezing temperatures and harsh conditions found at our south pole.

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Static Electricity

A hair-raising demo! See the Van de Graaff electrostatic generator and discuss the nature of lightning and static electricity.

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Optical Illusions

Art and nature are brought together in the science of optical illusions. See some common optical illusions and learn how they occur.

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See how tiny things can create big surprises. Discover how nanoscale science and engineering are part of our daily lives now and explore new technologies that might change our future.

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Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is used to change the nature of ordinary materials. Learn more about the “cool” science of cryogenics.

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Snatching a tablecloth from under a stack of dishes demonstrates Newton’s First Law of Motion—and might make a mess! See how seat belts keep our own inertia from carrying us out of our car during sudden stops.

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High Voltage Electricity

See the inventions of Nicola Tesla in action and gain a better understanding of the nature of high voltage electricity.

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Combustion Reactions

The “Fire Triangle” (i.e. fuel, oxygen, and heat) must be present for combustion to occur. This demo illustrates ways in which materials can burn and be prevented from burning.

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Chemical Reactions

Witness a variety chemical reactions as we describe the nature of each one. Discuss clock reactions, catalysts, endothermic, and exothermic reactions.

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