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The Sound of Science

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This Summer, bring the Maryland Science Center to your library to discover The Sound of Science!

Join the Maryland Science Center as we participate in Libraries Rock! We won’t just hear sound, we’ll see and feel our way through sound as we build instruments and manipulate wave lengths.

Our new Summer Library Program is an interactive exploration of sound and music led by our team of educators. You provide the library, and we bring everything we need to deliver a fun and enriching experience for library-goers.

  • The program is 60 minutes and back-to-back bookings are available for extended time
  • Libraries can also choose to add on a 30 minute membranophone workshop where we will teach how to build an air powered drum
  • The main program has no limit, but the workshop is 30 people max
  • The program features 6 different activity tables where library-goers can interact, build, and explore sound waves, music, amplification, and more
  • The program is geared towards 5-11 year-olds, but parents and caregivers can get in on the science fun as well

To reserve your date or for more information, please call 410-545-5968 or email us here!