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Full Day Programs

Full day programs run from 9am-4pm.

Session 1: June 27 – July 1, 2016
Session 2: July 4 – 8, 2016
Session 3: July 11 – 15, 2016
Session 4: July 18 – 22, 2016
Session 5: July 25 – 29, 2016

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Ages 6-7
Ages 8-9
Ages 9-11
Ages 11-13

Ages 6-7

Camp Name Session Description
I Dig It 1 Get ready to uncover the secret world hidden beneath your feet as you search for artifacts and insects, dig for dinosaur bones, and learn about concealed creatures.
Under The Sea 2 Embark on an undersea adventure to find out what’s deep down in the ocean. Explore the ocean from top to bottom, and discover the weird and wonderful creatures lurking there.
DIY Science  3 Build it, make it, mix it… yourself! Use our tools and your creativity while investigating amazing science that you can do yourself.
Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Engineering 4 Help get Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s house quickly and build a house that can stand up to the Big Bad Wolf. Use your brain, hands, and persistence to engineer your way out of fairy tale problems.
Who Lives Here? 5 Why do some animals live in the trees and others live underground? Find out all about animal habitats as you explore their happy homes.

Ages 8-9

Camp Name Session Description
Castaways 1 Lost at sea with no land in sight… how will you survive? Discover ways to stay afloat, avoid scurvy, and follow the stars to chart your way home.
The Incredible Science Race 2 Race through our exhibits to find clues and reach the finish line. Take on mental and physical challenges along the way.
Skywalker’s Galaxy 3 Enter the order of the Jedi, explore new galaxies, and strive to keep peace and justice present throughout the universe. Create Star Wars sound effects, use chemistry to free Han Solo from his carbonite prison, and dabble in robotic engineering. May the Force be with you!
4 It may not be magic, but you’ll make the impossible seem real with a little bit of science. From brain-benders to chemical concoctions, learn all the tricks to put on your own spectacular show.
Weird Science 5 Explore wild, weird, and wacky wonders. Create chemical chaos with colored geysers and harness physical forces with hovercrafts and flying toilet paper monsters.

Ages 9-11

Camp Name Session Description
Charm City Science 1 Did you know Baltimore is the home of the first manned balloon ride, the first commercial railroad, and the first sugar refinery in the United States? Spend the week performing fun science experiments and design challenges inspired by these and other Baltimore firsts.
The Science of Art 2 Explore the creative side of science. Create your own paints from natural ingredients, design wearable art, and fabricate mechanical sculptures.
Science Underground 3 Discover the many worlds beneath your feet. Dig deep to uncover evidence of dinosaurs, solve archaeological mysteries, explore bug biology, and engineer buildings that stay up on unstable ground.
Design Lab 4 If you can dream it and design it, you can make it. Team up to create surprising structures, use your imagination to solve problems, and bring your ideas to life.
Disaster Averted 5 Rescue trapped miners, protect your town from a hurricane, contain toxic waste, and trap invasive species. Time is of the essence as you help solve a series of unfortunate predicaments!

Ages 11-13

Camp Name Session Description
Camp Escape 2 Search for clues to solve the puzzle, crack the code and decipher the message. Undergo top secret spy training and learn to be stealthy. Use your sleuthing and problem-solving skills to make it out of Camp Escape without being caught.
The Sci-Fi Writer’s Workshop 3 Authors should “write what you know”, to gain some firsthand experience being a mad scientist. Work with chemicals, static electricity, and liquid nitrogen to inspire some new science fiction stories.
Dye, Spin, Make! 4 Learn how to make textiles from start to finish! Dye materials, turn it into yarn, and then make your own creations using your yarn.
Cartoon Science 5 Create animations using a variety of techniques, from historical to modern. Experiment with light, sound, and motion to see how science helps create believable animated worlds.