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Full Day Programs

Full day programs run from 9am-4pm.

Session 1: July 2 – July 6, 2018
Session 2: July 9 – July July 13, 2018
Session 3: July 16 – July 20, 2018
Session 4: July 23 – July 27, 2018
Session 5: July 30 – August 3, 2018
Session 6: August 6 – August 10, 2018

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Ages 6-7
Ages 8-9
Ages 9-11
Ages 11-13

Ages 6-7

Camp Name Session Description
Muck and Goo 1 Get your hands dirty with all things slimy, muddy, and messy. Whip up some sticky treats, concoct an oozing chemistry experiment, and find out what makes mud so squishy. If it’s a mess, you’re making it!
Once Upon A Time: Fairy Tale Engineering 2 Help get Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s house quickly and build a house that can stand up to the Big Bad Wolf. Use your brain, hands, and persistence to engineer your way out of fairy tale problems.
Fossil Frenzy  3 Discover what it takes to be a paleontologist. Learn how fossils form and what they can tell you about ancient life, including what dinosaurs ate and how they lived. Use logic to figure out ancient mysteries and protect a fossil to take home by making a plaster jacket..
Imagination Expedition 4 Travel to a new fantastical place each day with the power of story and imagination. Will you visit deep space, Antarctica, or the land of dinosaurs? Combine pretend play with real props and science tools to discover unique habitats and perspectives.
Summertime Science


5 Discover the science behind summertime favorites including ice cream, fireworks, beaches, and lightening bugs.
Everything is a Science Thing 6 Jump in and explore all the science you encounter in your everyday life. Whether it is the sounds you hear or what’s going on in the backyard, science is all around you.

Ages 8-9

Camp Name Session Description
Science Hero Camp 1 We all can’t be bitten by radio-active arachnids, so what’s a kid to do if she wants to be a hero? Use principles of physics to lift heavy objects and nano-technology to build invisible planes.
Monster-ology 2 There is a creature lurking in the Science Center and help is needed! Work to help uncover new clues to the whereabouts of the monster, and discover if it is even real?
Making Magic 3 All will be revealed as you uncover the science behind your favorite magic tricks. Learn about the physics, chemistry, and optical science of illusions to impress your friends and family.
Skywalker’s Galaxy
4 Enter the order of the Jedi, explore new galaxies, and strive to keep peace and justice present throughout the universe. Create star wars sound effects, use chemistry to free Han Solo from his carbonite prison, and dabble in robotic engineering. May the Force be with you!
Down to Earth 5 Discover the many worlds beneath your feet! Dig deep to solve mineral mysteries, uncover evidence of dinosaurs, explore bug biology, and defy gravity by engineering buildings that stay up on unstable ground.
Crazy Contraptions 6 Get up close and personal with MSC’s coolest thingamabobs and doohickeys and take time to construct your own working contraptions. Become an inventor as you use mechanics and engineering to build bigger, better, taller, and stronger.

Ages 9-11

Camp Name Session Description
Super Sleuths 1 Dig up a new discovery each day and identify, piece together, and analyze the evidence to solve mysteries from fossils to forensics. Use paleontology, anthropology, and chemistry to decipher the unknown.
Invent It! 2 Design and create your own inventions to solve imaginary challenges and real world problems. Investigate inventors and inventions, from the ancient to the cutting edge.
Science of Art 3 Explore the creative side of science. From perspective in paintings to acoustics in music to optical illusions in animation, artists use science all of the time. Discover the science behind your favorite art, and create your own science-inspired masterpieces.
Lab Rats 4 Beakers and test tubes wait for you to get to work concocting chemicals and conducting experiments. Measure, mix, and make observations while you carry out scientific investigations and cause some radical reactions.
Worst Case Scenario 5 In a world with no phones or computers, can you last a day in the wild? Learn with the tools that only nature provides and become a wilderness survival expert.
Blast into the Past 6 Head back in time to explore scientific discoveries from the days of old. Engineer a Roman city, perform chemistry in renaissance Italy, and travel west with the American pioneers without ever leaving the Science Center.

Ages 11-13

Camp Name Session Description
How It’s Made 1 From silly putty to soap, candles to cartoons, ice cream to electronics, delve into how common items are crafted by doing it yourself. Tweak the formulas and customize your creations when you act as the manufacturing line.
DIY Photography 2 Learn the methods and build the tools professional photographers work with using objects from everyday life. Set up photo shoots, develop photographs, and use the power of composition to create unique and professional photos using the power of science and innovation.
Game On 3 Games are where skill, chance, and fun collide. Play ancient games like Nim and Rota and try your hand at recent fads like escape rooms. Develop your own brand new game, tweak the rules, and experiment with winning strategies.
The Great Planetarium Takeover 4 Ever wondered what goes on in making a planetarium program? Learn the basics of star and constellation identification, take control of our digital universe, and create and present your own adventure through space.
Science Time Machine 5 From Albert Einstein to Ferdinand Zeppelin, discover how scientists from the past have made an impact on your daily life. Experiment, observe, and tinker to explore the work of these scientists and their discoveries.
Martian Mission 6 Use your ingenuity to survive on a hostile planet. Go through astronaut bootcamp to gain skills. Then test yourself to find food and water, safely launch supplies, repair a rover, and signal home.

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