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Camp-In FAQs


How much does Camp-In cost?
The cost is $47.00 per person for adults and children. Cost includes IMAX and planetarium shows, three hands-on workshops, time to explore exhibits, an evening snack, a light breakfast, a participation patch, and the chance to spend a night in the museum!

How old do children have to be to attend Camp-In?
The Camp-In workshops are written specifically with 3rd-5th grade children in mind.

Are there chaperone limitations?
There is no limit to the number of chaperones a group can bring, but Camp-In asks that groups not bring more adults than children. Please be sure that one adult is named as the adult-in-charge and that that person is willing to oversee their entire group during Camp-In.

Adult chaperones must be at least 18 years of age and will be responsible for continually supervising and maintaining safe, sensible, courteous behavior among their children.

Due to space limitations in the SciZones, and to avoid overcrowding with adults, Camp-In asks that adult chaperones be mindful of how many adults sit in on workshops. All other aspects of Camp-In (planetarium, IMAX, museum exploration, snack, breakfast, and sleeping) can and should be done as a whole group.

How do I register?
Registration forms are located on the right menu.

Where can I park?
Overnight parking discounts are offered at nearby public lots. Information about where to park is included in your confirmation packet. Parking discounts cannot be guaranteed, so you should be prepared to pay full price – up to $26.00 – for overnight parking.

What if a member of my group has to arrive late or leave early?
If the need arises, a member or members of your group may arrive after 6:30 PM or leave before 9:00 AM. Upon check-in, the adult in-charge of the group should inform the event supervisor of any participants who will be arriving late or leaving early. For late arrivals, a chaperone already at Camp-In must meet the late arrival(s) in the rear lobby. If the arrival time is unknown, the security guard on duty will contact the event supervisor when the child and/or parent arrives. For early departures, a chaperone should wait with a child in the rear lobby until his/her parent arrives.

Can I get a refund if a member of my group cannot attend?
Once a registration is confirmed, refunds are not granted. However, if someone in your group cannot attend the program, you may substitute another member of your youth organization. Adults can be substituted for children, and vice-versa, but it’s important you advise Camp-In in advance. Even trades (child for child or adult for adult) can be made to your roster on the night of your Camp-In.

What about inclement weather cancellations?
Should the Maryland Science Center decide to cancel a Camp-In due to inclement weather, the Science Center will notify the adult in-charge of each group. A decision to cancel an event will not be made until 2:00 PM on the day of the scheduled event. Leaders and parents may call the Camp-In information line at 410-545-5881 24 hours a day to receive current information about the status of an event. (This is a recorded information line only.) The Maryland Science Center will make every effort to reschedule a group. If a mutually acceptable date cannot be found for a group, registration fees will be refunded in full.

Is there a minimum group size required to register for Camp-In?

Are meals included in the registration fee?
An evening snack and a light breakfast are included, but you are responsible for dinner. There are three options for dinner:

  • groups can eat before coming to Camp-In
  • groups can bring bag suppers with them
  • groups can order special “Meal Deals” in advance from the Science Center’s Elements Café.

(Order forms are available in the Camp-In section of our website.)

What scout badge requirements are satisfied at Camp-In?
Because so many different types of youth organizations participate in Camp-In, workshops are not designed to satisfy specific badge requirements. Reading through the workshop descriptions will give leaders a preliminary idea about which badge requirements may be fulfilled at Camp-In. A number of exhibit components will also help fulfill badge requirements.

Can I add more children or adults to my group once I have registered and received confirmation?

The adult in-charge should call 410-545-5955 to ask whether or not Camp-In can accommodate more registrants. Additions without prior approval will be returned. Once a specific number of children and/or adult add-ons have been approved, the leader must either provide credit card information or send a check for the total amount that includes the names of the child(ren) and/or adult(s), the group name or number and the date the group is confirmed to attend Camp-In.

Please be aware that the number of registrants allowed for Camp-In is determined by our workshop capacity and safety codes.

What do we need to bring to Camp-In?
Each person should bring one bag containing minimum toiletries and a sleeping bag. The adult in-charge of each group must have a permission slip for each child as well as a health history for each participant. You may use the form provided in the confirmation packet or other form(s) approved by your youth organization. Adults may want to bring a flashlight and a sleeping pad to soften the floor. Please do not bring inflatable air mattresses or cots. Most electrical outlets go out with the lights.

How should we dress for Camp-In?
Dress comfortably, and plan to sleep in your clothing.

Are all the exhibits open during Camp-In?
Camp-In will have access to all core exhibits with the exception of  Dinosaur Mysteries, Science & Main, staffed lab areas,  and the Link areas.

Can we stay after Camp-In to see exhibits?
You can return when the building opens to the public, which is an hour or so after Camp-In ends. You must remove your overnight gear from the building immediately at the end of Camp-In, and you should re-park your cars as the Camp-In parking discount does not extend past the end of Camp-In. The adult in-charge of your group must see the Camp-In event supervisor to make proper arrangements for returning. This opportunity is good only for the day your Camp-In ends.