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Journey into Amazing Caves

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During Journey into Amazing Caves, narrated by Liam Nesson, audiences will wriggle through tiny, twisting passages, drop into gleaming blue labyrinths of ice, swim through flooded underground vaults, and enter a world so extreme the microscopic creatures who live there are called extremophiles.  They will circle the globe, stopping in the hot, lush Yucatán; dropping into barren, frozen Greenland and flying above the primitive red rock Arizona desert.  And they will hold their breath as their expedition leaders, Dr. Hazel Barton and Nancy Aulenbach, rappel down steep cliffs into unmapped chambers, hoping to bring back startling new discoveries that may unlock new cures for human disease.

At the heart of Journey into Amazing Caves is the moving triumph of two tenacious young women who are part of the new movement of extreme athletes and “extreme scientists” – scientists who gather their knowledge and data in treacherous, unforgiving zones of the environment. Together caving partners Dr. Hazel Barton and Nancy Aulenbach journey to worlds of unparalleled beauty and danger.

Join them for the  journey into the deep, perilous underwater caves of the Yucatán peninsula; the frozen ice-caves of Greenland; and the rugged limestone caverns of the Grand Canyon ecosystem.   They find in these otherworldly zones an alternate reality where the regular rules of biology and geology do not necessarily apply.  But no matter how strange or surprising the environments become, Nancy and Hazel remain undeterred in their mission to bring back to the surface a new understanding of the richness and precariousness of life on – and within – Earth.