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Science Educator

​(this is different from Exhibit Facilitator)

The Education Department’s Public Programs team offer hands-on learning experiences throughout the Science Center.  The goal of these inquiry-based experiences is to make science and technology accessible and fun.  These volunteer positions are ideal for those with a passion for STEM learning or museum education and a desire to share this passion with visitors of all ages. Help visitors launch hot air balloons in our lobby, identify dinosaur claws, read x-rays or fire smoke rings from our air cannon!

There are two types of Science Education volunteer positions available, as listed below:

Level I:

Volunteers present “Pop-Up Science” explainers to guests.  Pop-Up Science involves short science presentations on a wide variety of subjects, presented throughout the building utilizing portable carts.  The Maryland Science Center embraces a hands-on, interactive, informal education/presentation model.

This level also includes responsibilities in the permanent exhibit area of Dinosaur Mysteries.  Duties include imparting science information and general information about Maryland Science Center, facilitating exhibit interactives, maintaining order, reporting exhibit repair issues and light cleaning (sweeping).  Generally, one hour of a four-hour shift is spent in Dinosaur Mysteries.

Level II:

Volunteers perform the same duties as outlined above, but in addition, they receive training to present science demonstrations on the Demonstration Stage.  Demonstrations are theatrical in nature and last 20-25 minutes.  Topics include but are not limited to chemical reactions, nanotechnology, and optical illusions.

Required Skills:

  • Personal or professional background in science, education, museum education or performance is desired, but not necessary
  • Willingness to work with visitors of all ages, especially school-age children
  • Good communication skills; at easy with people
  • Ability to direct subject matter to multiple age groups


Training includes an overview meeting with Public Programs and Education supervisors, on-floor training with supervisors and peers, specific Pop-Up Science explainer training with hands-on experiences and written background materials.

Level II requires specialized training that involves written scripts, computer-based materials and supervised training with emphasis on safety, theatrical presentation and science facts.

Time Requirements: 

For Level I, one four-hour shift at least once every two weeks (Tuesday-Sunday) for a minimum of three months.  For Level II, at least one four-hour shift once a week for a minimum of three months.  Monday shifts may be available Spring/Summer.