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Membership Groupon/LivingSocial Information

Posted:  November 2017

An online deal for membership and/or admission tickets via Groupon/Living Social is currently on sale through 01/28/18.

We do not redeem and process Groupon/Living Social Membership Vouchers over the phone, fax, email or via the mail.  No exceptions.  Groupon/Living Social Membership Vouchers cannot be stacked for multiple years of continuous membership.  If you purchased two Groupon/Living Social Membership vouchers, two will be redeemed and will run for the same number of months.  You can use one Groupon/Living Social Membership Voucher to extend a current or renew an existing lapsed membership by 12 months.  Be aware of your current or last active level in case an upgrade is needed.  Any one of our Maryland Science center ticket agents can help you in person during our regular, public, museum operating hours.  Please indicate if you already have an existing active membership OR you have had a membership with the Maryland Science Center in the past 7 years.  You will be asked to complete an application asking for your name, your spouse name, if applicable, address, email and phone.  You will have the option to either be emailed or mailed a member card.  Adding a preferred email speeds up your emailed member card delivery.  Spouses can redeem Groupon/Living Social Membership Vouchers for the above options.  They must also fill out an application.  The only other name on a Maryland Science Center Membership account at all levels is a spouse.  We do not list caregivers, baby sitters, or other family members.  If you intended the voucher as a gift, but did not forward to your gift recipient via the Groupon/Living Social website, you STILL MUST REDEEM YOUR VOUCHER IN PERSON.  When you arrive, complete an application with the necessary gift recipient information.  No exceptions.