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Early Childhood Professional Development

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All workshops are MSDE certified (CKO-151981) for 3 hours Core of Knowledge: Curriculum. They are designed for teachers of 3-5 year olds, to be hands- on minds-on experiences. Contact Miriam Krause at or call 410-545-5891 for more information, pricing, or to book a workshop.

Building Big

Building Big encourages teachers to take a fresh look at their block area.  We will discuss current research on the importance of preschool block building as well as tools and strategies that encourage building and support builders in your classroom.

Easy Early Engineering

We’ve all become comfortable with the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) but some STEM areas get more attention in our classrooms than others. Join us as we explore engineering, the often neglected third letter in STEM. We’ll become comfortable engineers and focus on how to incorporate it into our early childhood classrooms.

Edible Education

Cooking is chemistry!  Gardening is botany!  Healthy eating is nutrition!  Explore the science behind growing, preparing, and enjoying healthy food with children and learn how to incorporate these types of activities into your classroom.

Inquiry in the Preschool Classroom

This training is about the process of inquiry and how to build on children’s questions and interests to create high quality science in the classroom.  We will practice asking open ended questions, documenting our observations, and leading high quality science experiments.

Science All Around

Struggling to fit in science to your already busy day? Science is everywhere! This workshop will help you to connect science to all areas of the curriculum and help you see the science in your everyday routines. Teachers will walk away with simple ideas to incorporate science throughout their day.

Science on a Shoestring

Science on a Shoestring will provide teachers with the resources and mindset to create science materials for their students from free or low-cost items.  This workshop is geared for teachers of 3-5 year old children, but the mindset encouraged is applicable to teachers of all levels and the materials presented can be adjusted to meet the needs of children of varying ages.

Teaching Through Tinkering

Makers are an emerging subculture that uses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) to build and create.  In this workshop we will discuss how to incorporate maker ideas and projects into early childhood programs.